Safety ~ On and Off the Trail

Tourists and locals alike should be aware that Israel has different laws and regulations for trail leaders and horse vacations than most countries. Trail leaders must have certification as a horseback riding instructor, recognized by Israel's Ministry of Sport, and by law on the trail there must be one certified instructor per five riders. Tourists wishing to trail ride in Israel should be vigilant of these regulations and always verify that the horses they are riding are veteran trail horses. 

Our Team is comprised of professional horsemen and horsewomen. Our trip leaders have decades of experience under their belts. Every member of our Team is certified and licensed as horseback riding instructors and professional trail leaders in this country. We are insured and our horses are experienced, adept on the trail, and all in excellent health and condition. 

Visiting Israel



Booking a trip to Israel is very straightforward and we suggest taking advantage of great deals with direct booking through reputable airline booking websites. Our Rides Consultant can assist you with any details or questions you may have and provide assistance in booking flights if requested. A passport from your country of origin should be valid and you should inquire into travel policies from the country you are departing from. 


Local Customs and Cuisine


The vast majority of Israelis speak very good English; most English-speaking tourists find it a very welcoming and easy country to visit for this reason. Israelis are very warmhearted and hospitality and family values form the basis of the culture. 

Local cuisine includes staples such as hummus, shakshooka, malabi, halva, baklawa, pitot, shwarma, falafel, and Eastern mixed grill and can be found as street food or as high-end gourmet. We make sure to introduce you to the best of Israeli cuisine on your vacation. Award-wining Israeli wine and cheese pairings and visits to local wineries are a special addition to our custom packages.   

National Tourism

Israel has seen a record increase in tourism in recent years, according to the country's Ministry of Tourism, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Regarded as the biblical Holy Land by Christians, Jews, and Muslims, Israel is a major tourist attraction for visitors from around the globe. Nearly 4 million tourists visit Israel annually. The numbers are only increasing, and for good reason. 

Getting Here

All travel arrangements are made for you once you have arrived at Ben Gurion Airport. You will be picked up at the airport and taken straight to your accommodations to relax and acclimate before starting your vacation. 

Please note: We require all riders to have international travelers insurance that covers horseback riding. Please verify insurance with us prior to your trip.

Ride along the River Jordan
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