About IsraTrails

IsraTrails grew out of a desire to provide world-class riding vacations in what is arguably the most breathtaking, historic, and beautiful country on earth. In such a tiny strip of land Israel offers a stunningly diverse array of landscapes, most of which are easily traversed, making it truly ideal riding country. Together with the country's year-round temperate climate, it's a trail rider's paradise.


To experience the real splendor and unparalleled archaeological and biblical history of this country, it's best to get off the beaten path and into the land itself. This is the unique experience we offer you at IsraTrails, and our goal is to provide this opportunity at the highest professional standards, along every point of your vacation - on and off the trail. 


Riding Levels


Most of our vacations are designed for clients who can ride up to 6-8 hours per day (with breaks of course!), although we can accommodate beginner riders as well, if coordinated in advance.  Non-riders are welcome to join groups via a Jeep ride-along option. We encourage our clients to match their riding ability to our vacation packages. 


Our shorter rides and custom packages (from one hour to full-day) are suitable for any level of rider, from non-riders to advanced equestrians. 

Tack & Equipment


We use American-made Western tack. English tack can be secured if requested in advance. Riders wishing to bring their own tack cannot be guaranteed its use as tack must properly fit each rider's horse.


All riders are strongly encouraged to wear a properly fitting riding helmet that meets international safety standards. Riding helmets are provided. Riders wishing to arrange for equipment such as chaps, spurs, or boots, should make such requests prior to their trip.  

Our Horses


We only use well-trained, veteran trail horses, familiar with each trail we select for our vacations. Our horses are in use year-round as lesson and trail horses and are well conditioned for our longer, more challenging rides. 

We expertly match horse to rider; experienced equestrians may choose a more spirited horse while we pair beginners with the most calm and predictable horses. We use Quarter Horses and Arabian-Quarter mixes; gaited horses (Singlefoot, Missouri Fox Trot, Tennessee Walker) and pure breed Arabians can be secured if requested in advance. 



Accommodations are at luxurious Tzimmers (country lodges) that provide the highest standards for our guests. Accommodations at any number of Israel's top-rated hotels are also available if requested in advance. 

For our overnight camping options tents are provided with all necessary gear and equipment, complete with very comfortable sleeping amenities. 


Judean Desert Ride, Looking at the Dead Sea and Jordanian Mountains in the Back